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Friday, June 10, 2016

You Got the Want To?

Do you have the crazy want to? Are you one of the "want tos" that stops or are you a drive by?

Yesterday I was headed to work out when I saw a turtle in the middle of the road. He was moving slowly of course and all I could think was, "You are about to get run over."

I pulled over on the side of the road, put on my hazards, and slowly approached my new friend. As I neared the little critter, I noticed he was not an ordinary turtle. He had spikes on his back, a long tail flowing from under his shell, and really thick, big legs. He looked like a scary mini Ninja Turtle. I wanted to pick him up so bad and put him in the grass but I couldn't get up the nerve. Something about him scared me.

Several cars drove by and I asked for help but people were reluctant, busy, or unmoved and continued on their way. Finally, an elderly man saw my desperate need and stopped. He jumped out of his truck and said, "Can I help you?" I wanted to grab his neck and hug him. "Please!" I said. He examined the little reptile and noticed this wasn't our ordinary turtle. Without fear, he placed the turtle in the grass, wished him luck, and thanked me for helping. In an instant, the white-haired man was gone and my little friend was saved.

As he drove off, I thought about the story of the good Samaritan. Remember, the man who was robbed, beaten, and left on the side of the road to die? How many people walked by and refused to help? Finally, one man, the good Samaritan, stopped.

I wondered yesterday as the old man disappeared, "What makes a person a good Samaritan? Why are some people quick to help and others don't care? What is it that makes a person kind?"

Some people say genetics. Others would add it's how a person is raised. Some might even think it's religion or spiritual. What about you? What do you say?  What makes a person a good Samaritan?

I know for me, the only thing that makes me good is Jesus. If his spirit wasn't living in me, I'd be a "hot mess." On my own, I'm so bad and would probably drive right pass every person I see in need and maybe even say ugly words. Because Jesus lives in me, he makes me want to. Yes, he gives me some rare, supernatural "want to" hep others. It's like this good Samaritan buzz inside me that says, "Turtle, grandma, child, or homeless man," get out there and help them all.

Do you have the "want to?" Is it because you're momma taught you to? Is it genetic? Or is it because Jesus lives inside of you? I don't know what you think, but for me, I like the buzz. If I were you, I'd let Jesus come on in and give you the rare, supernatural, "want to" and experience a whole new world of helping people! It's really fun!

God Works in Bathrooms

Have you ever had a random meeting with someone in the bathroom? A totally unexpected, God ordained meeting in the restroom? Maybe I should put it this way, do you believe God can do amazing miracles where people are "using it?"

Yesterday I was in Buccee's on my way home from Bryan, Texas. I was minding my own business drying my hands at the sink when I noticed a young girl about 20 with big crocodile tears running down her cheeks. I turned around and asked if she was okay. (Which, by the way, why do we ask that question? When people are crying, they are not okay.) She said she was okay and I wasn't sure what to ask next so I simply said, "Are you sad?" She replied, "No ma'am. I'm just frustrated."

The conversation continued and I discovered that her family lived in another state. She left home to get far away from them because as she said it,"They are bad, really bad." She moved to Texas, started college paying her own way, and was working at Buccees full-time to pay for school, apartment, basically her life.

When she arrived at work, her boss told her that she needed to change her hours or work part-time. She knew working part-time was not an option because she had to afford to live and with her schedule she could not work the hours he needed. She was devastated and frustrated. She had no idea what she was going to do.

I asked if she knew Jesus. She did. We talked about how he loves her and he is the one who could take care of everything for her. She smiled and said, "Thank you." We prayed together in the bathroom at Buccee's and she gave me her number.

That evening I sent her a text with my favorite "40 I Ams" to say every morning and before she went to bed. She immediately replied and said that after we prayed, her boss told her he had thought about their conversation and realized what a hard worker she has been, how she offered to work extra shifts, she hadn't been absent and he decided how valuable she is. He thanked her and told her not to worry about anything that her hours could stay the same.

I was so happy for her but what stirred my heart the most were the next two lines in the text.
"Instantly I thought of my God! All it took was a little prayer. You came to me at a very vulnerable time in my life when I was losing my faith and I believe God sent you to make sure that didn't happen."

Wait what? God sent me to her in the bathroom at Buccees to make sure she didn't loose her faith in him? YESSSSSS!!!! That's how our God works. He works in bathrooms, grocery stores, parks, gyms. Wherever his children are, he is there working. Don't miss him!

Have you missed seeing the awesome display of his power through you or to you through other people because you weren't looking, too busy, or didn't care. Frankly, get your eyes off yourself and this stinky world. Look around at people and see YOUR God at work. I don't know about you, but I don't want to miss God. No matter where he is or what he's doing, I say, "Here I am, Lord, bathrooms and all, use me."

Stop and Have Snow Cones

When was the last time you ate a snow cone? Who did you enjoy it with? Did you eat it on the run or sit and savor each bite?

Last night my friend and I went on church visitation. We were driving to the home of a church guest when she pointed out a little snow cone truck on the side of the road. She explained how the best snow cones EVER were sold out of that truck. I could tell she really loved these snow cones. Her next words caught me by surprise. She immediately without hesitation said, "On the way back, let's get a snow cone. I want to treat you."

For some reasons those words jolted my thoughts. First, "Let's get a snow cone." At that very moment I realized I am way too hurried. I'm so busy, so focused, so intentional about getting everything done on my list that I don't stop for snow cones. When was the last time, I thought to myself, much less said to someone, "Let's stop and get a snow cone."

I realize the fact that I was raised by parents on a shoe string budget and if we wanted snow cones, we got them. We went home, popped the ice cubes out of the ice trays, crushed them with a hammer, dropped our makeshift ice shavings in a cup, and poured Koolaid on top. I had no idea what a real snow cone was until much later in life. This may have warped my idea of stopping to get a snow cone, but not my friend. She was willing to put the agenda for the evening aside and spend quality time enjoying snow cones.

Reflecting on her words, "I want to treat you," I immediately thought, "When was the last time I treated somebody?" And to take it to a deeper level, "When was the last time I WANTED to treat someone?"  Do I take the time to do something special for someone else? Do I really WANT to treat others?

As the fleeting moment passed, the challenge resonated in my spirit. I'm stopping for snow cones whenever I want. Life is too short to miss the simple joys like ice smoothered with sugar. I'm also going to think of others more often, suprise someone with a treat. Think about the people who I love and WANT to treat.

I've heard the saying, "Stop and smell the roses," but I think life might better when you "Stop, and have snow cones!" Hope you'll join me in slowing down, enjoying the little things in life, and treating the people we love.

No Tub No Turtis

Yesterday on my way to work out a  crazy thing happened. I turned left onto the same road I travel daily to get to work, the store, church. As I rounded the corner, I noticed a small round something creeping across the road. I slowed down and rolled up to it. As I neared the creature I discovered a dry, gray turtle.

When my children were growing up, we had a turtle. His name was Turtis. We found him one afternoon and quickly adopted the cute little reptile. He lived in a tub in our game room. The kids would feed and water him, take him out to play, and truly loved the little animal. His home, the container, was the perfect size for the kids to carry him in or out, upstairs or downstairs, safely wherever they were going.

One afternoon I cleaned out the garage. It was one of those days when everything was going in the trash. I was tired of so much junk taking up space and if we had not used it in about a week, I was throwing it away. Turtis, in his tub, was in the garage with me keeping me company while I "restructured." I was getting ready to sweep and decided to place his little makeshift home outside the garage around the corner near the trashcan so I wouldn't sophacate him with dust.

With much success and satisfaction, I finished my cleaning project for the day and headed inside to cook dinner. The meal was great and while cleaning up the kitchen, I noticed the trash men outside removing all the junk and clutter I collected.  I was so happy to see them drive off with all of our trash. About that time the children came running downstairs.

"Where's Turtis?" they cried. "We want to play with him."
"Is he in the gameroom?" I asked.
"No ma'am," I heard the little voice shout.

I paused to think where I had last seen Turtis. As I dried my hands on an old dish towel, my stomach dropped. Turtis was outside by the trash can. I looked out the kitchen window. No tub, no little home for Turtis, actually, no Turtis.

I sprinted outside and stood dumbfounded looking at where Turtis had been resting peacefully in his container while I swept. I ran to the end of the driveway, looked both ways. No trash truck to be found.

I hollered for the kids to jump in Big Mac, our suburban. They quickly buckled up and I sped out of the driveway on the hunt for our little Turtle. We rounded the end of the street when we saw it, the most beautiful trash truck I had ever seen. In my mind the filthy vehicle was perfectly white glowing with bright golden lights. I could see angels floating around it and here the sweet songs of heaven playing from the most disgusting pile of trash I ever smelled. Turtis was saved!

We relayed our story in complete desperation to the driver of the truck. The most kind trash man moved by our fear and worry graciously opened the back of the truck. After we all nearly passed out from the odor, we looked. There was no way one of us had the nerve to touch the trash. The driver's two other friends reached in with their gloves and began to shovel through the mess. Finally, after what felt like eternity, we saw it! Turtis' home, all in one piece, resting neatly amongst the trash. One of the gentlemen picked up the tub and handed it gently to us. We were elated. One of the children reached inside to pull out our precious treasure and the look on her face said it all. We had the tub but no the turtle. Turtis was gone. We all stood staring into the pile of banana peels, diapers, paper, and more. Turtis was somewhere in the trash. There was no way to find him, no way to get our sweet little Turtis back.

We slowly walked back to the car after thanking the trashmen profusely. Silence filled the air. Tears began to fall. I drove slowly back to the house. The words then came, "Mom, why did you put Turtis out by the trash?"

It seemed so harmless. A random act in the middle of decluttering and cleaning out that changed our little lives forever. After baths, many tears and repeated apologies, we all resigned to the fact that God was with Turtis. Even in the trash, God was there. God created Turtis. We believe God loved Turtis and God would take care of our precious little turtle.

I thought about my life. How many times have I felt stuck in the middle of a trash pile. Are you caught in the middle of a pile of banana peels, diapers, paper, and more? Does everything around you seem to stink to high heaven? Do you feel alone in the middle of dispair? Are you wondering why someone left you sitting out by the garbage and now here you are in a mess?

It's okay! We know God was with Turtis and we know God is with you. He loves you. He created you. No matter where you are. No matter what you are doing. God sees. God knows and God saves. Talk to Jesus today about your trash pile.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Is She an Alcoholic or God?

A very strange thing is happening in my life. Don't laugh and don't judge but I am going through the A.A. steps. Yes, I am working myself through each little procedure in the Alcoholics Anonymous program, all 12 steps! 

Step 1: Admit you are powerless over alcohol.

I thought to myself, I'm not powerless over alcohol, I don't even drink it, but what in my life do I need to admit I am powerless over?

As I read through the explanation of step 1, I felt like a knife was stabbed into my heart. The author explained how each of us are like the director of our own play. The play is life. We have a certain expectation of how the play should be performed. There are a variety of actors in our lives who we believe should perform exactly how we expect. Our goal is a beautiful, great performance. Our intentions are good, nice, and virtuous. However, when the actors don't perform to meet our expectations, our world collapses. We get angry, feel disappointed, sometimes hurt.

As the "director" of our life, we wonder about our spouse, children, friends, co-workers, kids teachers, "What are they thinking?" The play we have in mind is the best possible life, oops I meant drama. We get frustrated. My daughter is ruining it. She won't try out for cheer or do dance. My son isn't making straight As. My husband just sits and watches TV. My best friend won't help me with the volunteer stuff at the kids school. We can't afford the big house and the fancy purse and earrings. "WAIT! EVERYBODY JUST STOP!! This is not the play I am directing!" We want to scream or feel sorry for ourselves. If everyone will do what we say, it will be perfect!!

The  A.A. book says we are in constant collision with people and things because we want what we want and they won't do it!!

Bottom line: Quit playing God.

The more I thought about it, the more the knife turned deep into my heart. Who am I to try to dictate the life God intends for my family? What are my expectations for the actors in my life and what constant collisions am I causing because I'm trying to be God? There were so many I decided to pick the most important and start there.

It's been a tough week, but I'm admitting (or learning to admit)  I'm powerless over my husband.

What about you? What or who are you trying to control? Try admitting you are powerless and see what happens. I can tell you it's not easy. I've literally been writing, "I am powerless over Rick" in my journal over and over until my mind and body agree with and will flesh out what my soul knows is true, "I ain't his boss!"  I've apologized for robbing God of what He intended our marriage to be and I'm asking him daily to restore myself and my husband to that beautiful relationship.

Join me in throwing down your director's hat, relinquishing to God His rights, and admit your are powerless. It sure is freeing!

"I know that nothing good lives in me, that is, in my sinful nature.For I have the desire to do what is good, but I cannot carry it out." Romans 7:18

Saturday, January 04, 2014

LOVE TO VACUUM...say what?

When you want something, what is your first response? Do you immediately get it? Are you a planner and begin to prepare for the best time to purchase? Do you research all the options before committing?

What I've found is the longer I wait, the more I love it. This Christmas I asked for a new vacuum cleaner. My friends repeatedly made fun of me saying that is not a Christmas gift, it's a necessity, but for me, it's what I wanted because it's what I needed.

My old vacuum was the kind that by the time I finished cleaning the carpets, there was more dirt on the floor than when I started. I literally yelled out loud at the piece of equipment during each use. I personally picked up more stuff off the floor with my hands than the vacuum and I wanted to kick a hole in the wall each time I used it.

Now, I could have gone and purchased a vacuum last year when it started to go out, but it's a pretty hefty purchase financially so I decided to wait. When I opened the box on Christmas Eve, I literally hugged the thing. I spent Christmas eve and Christmas morning vacuuming. I was in love. It was wonderful. It was like heaven on earth. I couldn't stop using it!

My kids said, "Mom our rug looks like it's new."
"I know!!!" I shouted jumping up and down with tears in my eyes! I am so thankful for my new vacuum cleaner and cherish it and the moments I get to vacuum.

What if I would have bought the vacuum last year when it first started to go out? How would my Christmas and vacuuming experience be different? 

If we never allow ourselves the opportunity to desire something, we never fully enjoy the fun of getting or using it. It's like giving a teen a car before he can drive or giving a preschooler James Avery jewelry when they have no clue about the value of money or expensive jewelry. We deprive ourselves of the joy and satisfaction we could experience from waiting. 

Jesus said, "Take up your cross, deny yourself, and follow me." What did he mean, "deny myself?" 

I challenge you to try denying yourself materialistically, at least for a little while. You'll discover a thankfulness and joy for the simple things you didn't have before and besides might find you love to vacuum. 

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

The Promptu Party

What if you could make a difference in one life? What if you could change the world in one small way? Would you do it?

I believe God uses his children to perform His miracles every day. As His kids, we have to be in tune with His voice and then quickly do what He asks.

Each year our Kids Ministry at church has Happy Birthday Jesus parties one Sunday in December. We provide cupcakes and Caprisuns for all the children as they play games and talk about Jesus' birth.

This year we had cupcakes left over. Down the street from our church is a low income apartment complex. We have built a friendship with the apartment activities coordinator over the past several years. As we put away the cupcakes, a small thought bounced through my head. What if we took the cupcakes to the apartments and had a birthday party for Jesus there with all the children?

I called the activities coordinator and asked if this would be possible. She was elated. Her funding for activities was cut and she was not able to do anything for Christmas for the children this year. She could not believe how God was providing.

A few of the ladies who serve in the Kids Ministry rallied behind the idea and helped set the party in motion. We took crafts, dress up clothes to reenact the Christmas story, snacks, and face paint. The children loved it. We were able to share the story of Jesus and the real meaning of Christmas with a lot of love and laughter.

Sometimes God places a small thought, gentle whisper, or seemingly unimportant opportunity in your path. Listen, acknowledge, and obey. You never know the difference that will be made in one little life or your world because you obeyed.

Monday, December 16, 2013

The Video

Do you ever have those times when you wish your kids were walking more closely with the Lord?The past 6 months, I've been praying for my daughter. She's not out sleeping around or robbing banks, but her heart hasn't been where it normally is.

Being the mom that I am, I sometimes like to play the role of the Holy Spirit. If you don't know what that means, it's a spiritual way of admitting you are trying to control and sometimes manipulate others or situations.

If you know me, you know that I love to listen to podcasts. My favorite, besides Champion Forest Baptist Church of course, is lifechurchtv. I usually listen while I jog or you can watch them on your phone or computer.

One morning while I was praying for my daughter, I got this ingenious idea that we could watch some of these podcasts, or what I call "videos," together.

That night she came in my room and plopped on the bed. We were talking and I started to recognize this might be the perfect night for my videos. She went in her room to get on her pjs and after awhile I tiptoed in and said, "Hey! I have a great idea."

"Okay, what?" she responded. This was looking promising. If you have teenagers you know that's a positive response.

"Why don't we snuggle up in bed, get some popcorn, and watch these videos I have."

I was ready for the sweet, loving, Christian girl response, preparing myself for an evening where the angels would be floating around our heads while we cherished God's holy word in our hearts.

As I waited expectantly with a big grin on my face and unconditional love in my eyes, she said,

"MOM, I'm not watching your stupid religious videos."

Wow...that wasn't quite the holy response I was anticipating. I'm pretty sure the grin turned upside down and the eyes were full of unconditional, "SAY WHAT?"  but none the less, I handled it as any godly mother would. I proceeded to get in an argument with her about her walk with the Lord and how I was concerned and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. It turned into a heated "discussion" and we both left frustrated.

I returned to my snuggly warm bed for sure the angels had ditched me and began to think. What I did was all wrong. God is in control of my daughter. He knows what's going on, why she's making certain choices, and he's got her in the palm of her hand, so what was I thinking?

30 minutes after the Holy Spirit set me straight and his role that I am not to try and fill in my daughter's life, I went to her room and apologized.

Now, if you don't know this, God is really funny! He works in crazy ways. At the same time all of this is going on, my daughter has been talking to a new "guy friend" who has a skeptical past. He gave his life to Christ a year ago and has been walking with the Lord since, but you know how it is with your children and their "friends." You want those kind of friends who will snuggle up with their moms and watch religious videos! cough, cough

Several days later, my daughter tells me her guy friend is leading a Bible study for a group of guys and he's struggling. I told her about this "video" for guys that might be good. Guess what she said, "Well I'll tell him and maybe he and I can watch it together." Yes, you heard her. Mrs. I don't do religious videos is now going to snuggle up with her guy friend, eat popcorn, while angels dance around their heads, and watch religious videos.

All I could do was laugh. I looked towards my heavenly Father and said, "Aren't you Mr. Funny?" I realized at that moment, God can use anyone, any time, any way he wants to bring us to him.

When you don't see God at work in the way you think is best, ask him and trust him. Remember we don't have to tell him how, we just ask him for the what.

What If Jesus Was Never Born?

What if Jesus was never born? Would there still be Christmas?

Tonight the worship ministry at our church led a Christmas production. One of the songs asked the question, "Would there still be Christmas if Jesus was never born?" I began to wonder...

If Jesus had never been born,
would there be Santa Claus
would we listen to Christmas carols
would we decorate Christmas trees
would we wrap gifts
would there be Christmas lights?

If Jesus had never been born,
would there be Christmas shopping
would people take vacation half the month of December
would Rudolph and Frosty exist
would we bake Christmas cookies
would Twas the Night Before Christmas be read?

It was so sad to think all of my thoughts centered around commercialized Christmas. All the things I thought might not exist, really don't matter. I realized I was looking at the answer to that question all wrong. So I wondered...

If Jesus had never been born,
Who would forgive me of my sins?
Would someone else have died for me?
How would I get to heaven?
How would I know how to live?
Would there be a light of the world?

If Jesus had never been born,
What would be the truth?
Who would be the way?
Who would be my hope?
In whose name would we pray?
How would I be redeemed?
Would I have faith?

I could go on and on wondering the what ifs but I'm so thankful that I have the truth. Jesus died for me to save me from a place called hell. Because he was born I have put all my hope, faith and trust in him. I have a purpose and way. I have a reason to live and life ABUNDANTLY. Because Jesus was born, I have a helper and guide. Because Jesus was born, I am loved forever.

If you're not sure the answer to the question, "Would there be Christmas if Jesus was never born?" the answer is no. There would be no carolers, cookies, or gift wrap. No lights, presents, or trees. But because He left heaven and came to us born in a lowly little manger...we have all we ever need...God with us, Emmanuel.

Take WHAT?

Do you ever wonder how our freedom to choose and God's purpose for our lives connect? If I get to decide what I do, how am I fulfilling God's plan?

I'm reading a book called, Live 10. Here is a summary of what I've read. What do you think?

At very distinct times in life, God seems to bring dreams to us. His dreams for the areas where we have influence. It's like he's saying, "This is what I have made for you. I call this possible." These possibilities are hints from God. They become a thought, an idea, a vision.

Then...we partner with God in fulfilling this destiny. We cooperate, go into action. Some people make excuses, blaming God for our lack in some things. But other people, take action. They do what it takes to make it happen.

Like farmers,they take that little seed called a dream and they plant, water, weed, and hoe. Every day they work to aid the little plant. They can't make it grow, bloom, or blossom, but one day when they least expect it ....
God brings a crazy harvest, the impossible-possible dream. It happens. It's reality.

And all the work, the action, the sweat, and self-discipline of the farmer pays off because he listened to the dream of His Father Creator and took action.

The crows come and attack the field. They try to steal the seed. The possums sneak in at night and the weather tries to destroy all the hard work.

The farmers who recognize the enemy, destroy the distractions, and TAKE ACTION. With their eyes on the dream they see the harvest, see their God given dreams fulfilled.

Many people will say you can be anything you want to be. Not true. I can't be the president of Poland. I'm not Polish. I can sing to my heart's content but I will never be the next American Idol. BUT...

When I discover the boundaries of my life, the dream God has created for me, and when I partner with God in that destined place, anything is possible for me.

People who fulfill their God given dreams, can say these 3 things...
1. This is the dream that God has placed in me that is within my boundaries ____________________________________________
2. These are the things/people keeping me from my God ordained destiny that I will not allow to steal or destroy my dream ___________________________________________________
3. This is the action I am taking now to follow God's purpose for my life. ________________________________________________

Has God placed an idea or thought in your mind that He's ready to take to a whole new level? Are you waiting on Him while He's waiting on you? Is it time for you to do something?

I say, "Listen to His voice. Recognize your boundaries. TAKE ACTION and discover the impossible possibilities with Your Father as you fulfill His destiny for you!"

Friday, December 06, 2013

Don't Forget

I laughed so hard last night. I was laying in bed reading, writing in my journal, when my son came in with a bowl of cereal. He climbed up on the bed and we began to chat.

Yesterday morning when I went to wake him, it was next to impossible. So much so that I started to panic thinking, "What if he's dead?" I yelled his name. I shook his shoulders, patted his cheeks, rocked him back and forth. It was one of those moments as a mom when your heart drops to your feet and every nerve is tingling.

I laid my hand on his chest, no rhythm. I noticed how pale he looked. I continued to talk to him, no response. I placed my two fingers on his neck to check for a pulse. As I steadied my fingers, praying to myself, he opened his eyes, smiled, and said, "Morning." Whew! What a relief! I wanted to grab and hug him. Hold him. Cry over him. Rock him and never let him go, but he was clueless.

So last night when he climbed on our bed, I told him the story of what happened. I said, "Michael, this morning when I woke you up, I thought you were dead." He laughed and said what happened?

Now imagine I'm all snuggled in bed with a toasty warm blanket on top of me. I have two books on the bed and my journal and pen in hand. I say, "Let me show you." The plan in my mind at that moment was to act out him laying in bed and what I experienced.

I put the journal on my nightstand.  I picked up the two books and set them beside the journal. Then the strangest thing happened... I turned over, snuggled deep down in my bed, gently laid my head on my pillow, and turned and looked at Michael. I took on the same posture I do every night when I go to bed. I was in full out sleep position.

Michael was confused so he paused. Wondering if this was part of the drama about to unfold, he waited. After a few seconds, he politely said, "Mom, you were going to show me." I froze. Confused and unable to recall what it was I was supposed to show him, I laid there in deep thought for about 5 seconds. My mind started to race, "What was I supposed to be doing?" Please tell me this happens to you. It's like that moment when you walk to the pantry and think, "What was I getting?" or you walk into your closet and wonder, "Why am I here?"

Luckily after a few came to me..I was getting ready to act out the horrific morning. I said, "Oh yea!" and moved on with my original intent.

Michael busted out laughing. "Mom, how could you forget so quickly? You just said, 'Let me show you.' You put down your stuff and then you had no clue what you were doing. How does that happen?" he said between uncontrollable moments of laughter.

How does that happen? I wondered to myself, "How do I forget so quickly? How do I  forget...
God loves me.
God is with me.
He floods me with peace when I keep my mind on him.
He gives joy and hope.
He forgives me.
He is full of grace and mercy.

I think this happens all throughout my day. I am thinking about the riches of his blessings and then boom, I turn over, drive the carpool, get to work, start talking with people, and I freeze in life forgetting that God loves me and He is with me offering peace, joy, hope, grace, forgiveness, mercy.
I lose focus on Him and loving others and I snuggle up in the business of my life and miss what He wants me to know.

God, in the moments when I get distracted, forget my true purpose in life, and snuggle in to the world, whisper in my ear, "Don't forget, I am here."

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Miracle of Marvelous Tape

What do you love to do? What if doing that one thing could change the world, your community, people's lives?

I spent time the past 2 days with a gentleman from Oklahoma named Mr. Mark. What's interesting about this man is he has influenced hundreds and thousands of men, women, and children. How? ...Marvelous Tape.

Mr. Mark discovered the amazing  benefits of marvelous tape. This magical product prevents tearing walls, pictures, posters, and securely holds any item. The first time he shared the idea of using this tape was at a workshop. After the conference, hundreds of women went on-line and ordered the tape. The Marvelous Tape company e-mailed Mark and thanked him for his service. Because of his recommendation, so many people ordered the product the Marvelous Tape computer system crashed.

Mark traveled to another conference in a different town. He shared the benefits of Marvelous Tape with his new audience. The women were thrilled and immediately went home and began placing their orders. This time Mark did not receive an e-mail, but instead a phone call from the president of the company. The president introduced himself to his latest top "salesman," Mr. Mark, and thanked him for graciously sharing Marvelous Tape with Mark's world.

Mark continued his tour of training sharing the Marvelous Tape throughout his conferences all over the country. After each conference, Marvelous Tape experienced the same result, unheard of sales and crashing computers.  Finally the president of the tape company asked Mark to send him his traveling schedule so the company could make arrangements to have marvelous tape in varying stores throughout the surrounding areas where Mark was teaching. Mr. Mark worked with the company and thousands of people made Marvelous Tape a staple in their homes, churches, and classrooms.

After a year of this repeated experience, Mark ended his tour and returned to his office job. One day he received a phone call from the president of Marvelous Tape. Each year the company provides school supplies to an underprivileged school in honor of an exemplary person who made a huge impact in their company. Marvelous Tape chose Mr. Mark to be the honoree of the year's gift.

Amazingly, Mark was working with a school near his office. He asked if that school could be the honored recipient. The company was elated to provide the enormous gift to the school of Mark's choice and once again hundreds of children and adults were influenced by the impact of Mr. Mark.

How was Mark able to make such an enormous imprint in so many lives? The answer is simple. He was doing what he loved in service to His king. Mark loves kids. His heart is to lead children to Christ and disciple their parents. In the process, he ran across Marvelous Tape. In keeping with his life mission, he shared his great discovery with everyone he knew. What happened? Thousands of teachers were impacted, children received the benefits, a company experienced the blessing of God, and an elementary school was transformed by a generous gift.

What about you? Are you doing what you love in service to your king? What do you love to do? Do it to put a smile on God's face and bring people to him. If it' s Marvelous Tape, share it. If it's a new recipe, post it on pintrest. If it's a great parenting tip, tell all your friends.

Who could imagine how God would multiply a roll of tape? Look what he did with a boys little lunch. In the same way, share all God has given you for His glory, and watch the impact on others and the miracle of multiplication.

Give what God has given to you!